The Ides

Following on from The Winter Passing, The Ides is the second novel in the Aubade (working title) trilogy.

This page may contain spoilers!

After having her memories and powers revealed to her and returning home Centaury Morrigan is struggling not only with the things she’s gained, but in coming to terms with those she’s lost.

While Rune Darnell has had his life changed by meeting Centaury. He is learning how to be both more and less of a man than he was before accompanying her on her journey home.

And Linnhe Clay is caught between the freedom of flight and the tether of the place she’s from.

They’re all finding out that perhaps the fight isn’t over, that the line between life and death is thin and that they all have decisions to make and lessons to learn as the threat rises again.

The Winter Passing was about love and loss, music and magic and The Ides is about what comes next – enduring love, grief, the colour of the sound and power.

The Ides has reached first draft status.

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