The Winter Passing

The Winter Passing is a contemporary fantasy and the debut novel from Riley Reynolds, due for release soon.

Centaury Morrigan feels trapped in her unhappy relationship with the boy she’s known her whole life, the one she ran away from home with a decade ago.

She misses the island they grew up on, but can’t remember why.  She has forgotten who she is, who her family are and what she is destined to be.

After a chance meeting with a musician named Rune she discovers she’s not living the life she is supposed to and she must now break the binds of those she thought loved her.

Together Centaury and Rune work out why her memory and power were hidden from her and prepare to take on dark forces so she can take her place in a magical bloodline.

The Winter Passing is a story of love, loss, music and magic.


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